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URBEN BLU, located in Boisbriand, specializes in designing, building and installing secure and tamper-proof public restrooms.

Durable toilet units

Vandalism is an unfortunate reality that the public sector has to deal with on a regular basis, especially in public restrooms. Luckily, today’s toilet cabins are reliable, cost efficient and long-lasting. Meanwhile, building materials and toilet technology are important considerations for this type of investment. Opting for a secure and vandal-proof unit reduces the risk of damage. URBEN BLU’s solid product lines can meet those requirements, offering a range of pre-built and automated units that are always clean, have anti-graffiti finishes and vandal-proof properties.

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Toilette Anti-Vandale Mexique
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High quality restrooms

Established in Boisbriand in 2010, URBEN BLU specializes in public restroom units for urban spaces. We are experts in the field and ready to take on all types of projects. Working with shopping centres, national parks and tourist sites, we offer ready-made solutions that meet all environmental regulations and standards. Our vandal-proof units come equipped with programmable systems and self-cleaning functions, which reduce water use and require little maintenance. Customer satisfaction is our priority, so at URBEN BLU we focus on offering a wide range of quality products, built from long-lasting materials (wood, stone, cement, metal and aluminum).

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