Automatic and self-cleaning toilets, the intelligent solution to the public toilets.

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Our company has quality products for clients throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico.

A worthwhile investment

More and more often, public and private restrooms are being recognized for innovations in hygiene and comfort. Technology has evolved, leading to a whole new range of toilet models that are optimizing these types of facilities. In fact, in public spaces like tourist sites, national parks and shopping centres, self-cleaning toilets are currently in high demand. URBEN BLU specializes in building this type of automated unit. For more than 5 years, we’ve been delivering complete restrooms that are environmentally friendly, easy to maintain and equipped with programmable systems.

Toilette Autonettoyante Mexique
Toilette Autonettoyante Canada

Quality products

URBEN BLU supplies customers with quality toilet units that are customized to a project’s specific needs. Our prefabricated restrooms are built from durable materials, like wood, metal, stone, cement or aluminum. Recognized as long-lasting, our toilets are also designed with the environment in mind, as well as with automated self-cleaning functions. These systems therefore require less maintenance and use less water than more traditional units. Work with us and your project will come together quickly and meet you exact requirements. From start to finish, we will handle everything, beginning with design plans, all the way through to on-site installation and maintenance.

Long-lasting restrooms that are customized to your needs

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