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Located in Boisbriand, Québec, URBEN BLU sells, designs, builds and installs public toilets throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico.

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When it comes to options for public toilets, there is more choice today than ever before. With an emphasis on being accessible to all, toilets must be a comfortable space for people who are both able bodied or have reduced mobility. Furthermore, restrooms must be functional spaces and meet all safety and hygiene standards, regardless of whether installed at a municipal park, tourist site, shopping centre, national park, highway rest stop or in the downtown core. To accommodate any space and need, URBEN BLU has a wide selection of self-cleaning and automated units, which are built to be secure and vandal-proof for both urban and more natural environments.

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URBEN BLU proudly focusses on eco-design concepts, offering our clients cost-saving and environmentally friendly options. Our products come equipped with self-cleaning functions that can be programmed by the owner. Built and finished using durable materials, like wood, aluminum, stone or metal, these factory-made units are ready to be installed when they arrive on site. Alternatively, our modular units fit into existing building structures and can serve a regular or reduced mobility clientele. From the design process right through to installation, URBEN BLU guarantees you will be satisfied with your turnkey project. If necessary, our team is always available for any follow-up service and maintenance work.

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