Automatic and self-cleaning toilets, the intelligent solution to the public toilets.

Canada, USA et Mexico


URBEN BLU has a wide selection of automatic toilets that meet Canadian and American regulations and standards.

Custom-built projects

Private and public sector businesses both understand how important hygiene is to citizens, and the role that restrooms and access to toilets can play. Comfort and cleanliness are among the most important factors, and while there is wide variety of options to chose from, automatic toilets have become the units of choice for tourist sites, national parks and shopping centres. Since 2010, URBEN BLU has been working with clients like these, specializing in the automatic toilet industry. We are able to offer our clients turnkey projects that include design plans, construction, installation and maintenance.

From designing the plans, right through to construction, we will handle all aspects of your project

 Toilette Automatique  Mexique
 Toilette Automatique Canada

Cutting edge products

Trust URBEN BLU with your project and you’ll have access to our selection of quality products. We have different sanitary solutions to meet your needs, including ready-to-install toilet units that are made of wood, stone, cement, aluminum or other metals. Our automatic toilets are equipped with programmable systems, as well as self-cleaning functions. With eco-friendly designs, we focus on respecting the environment, offering products that require less maintenance and use less water than more traditional restrooms.

High-performance and durable restrooms

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