Automatic and self-cleaning toilets, the intelligent solution to the public toilets.

Canada, USA and Mexico


About us

Leader in the manufacture and marketing of public automatic toilets and prefabricated cleaners, URBEN BLU is the only manufacturer of automatic toilets in Canada and offers its products throughout North America. Urben Blu it's, among many other things:

  • 2 manufacturing plants located in Mirabel, QC Canada and Argos, Il USA
  • A dedicated, passionate and faithful team
  • More than twenty customizable templates
  • Several facilities in North America
  • Thousands of satisfied customers and users

Available in an integrated version or ready to install, this type of street furniture is ideal for the creation and renovation of public toilets.

Our products are intended for all public places such as parks, motorways, city centers, commercial areas, sports complexes, bicycle paths, tourist information centers, rest areas, Buses stop or terminals, golf courses, etc.

Discover our product line by clicking on our 2016 brochure and our data sheet.

Our Mission

As a North American leader in the manufacture and marketing of automatic and self-cleaning toilets, we promote hygiene in public places by providing intelligent, economical, ecological and sustainable sanitary solutions.

Our Values

  • Quality and innovative products
  • Unmatched Customer Service
  • Customized offer
  • Respect of deadlines and budgets
  • Continuous improvement

A growing Compagny.

At its debuts in 2010, URBEN BLU was the exclusive distributor of a European automated public healthcare concept from France with more than 30 years of market expertise.

Taking advantage of this experience, URBEN BLU now develops its own range of automated, self-cleaning vandal-resistant designed toilets that meet the local needs, requirements, standards and certifications.

Facing a fundamental need and universal scourge, the provision of adequate public sanitation should be a major concern in the private and public sectors towards the population and tourists. This is why we work with cities and municipalities, national parks, transportation industry, governments and private sector.

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