Manufacturer of automatic, self-cleaning and vandal-proof toilets

Urben Blu reinvents the smart toilet experience.

Urben Blu specializes in the manufacture of smart, automatic self-cleaning toilets.

Urben Blu toilets stand out for their versatile design, which adapts to any type of environment. They can be fully customized to blend into the surrounding environment while providing optimal protection to users.

Urben Blu's public lavatories are equipped with the latest generation of environmentally friendly automatic disinfection toilets, including an accessible cabin to accommodate users. Besides, they can easily be fitted in public spaces. Therefore, call on our services if you are a landscape architect, a transportation planner or work for a city council.

The days of dirty and foul-smelling public toilets are over with the advent of Urben Blu self-cleaning toilets!


Urben Blu
Entreprises Urben Blu Inc. The self-cleaning and disinfecting system with no moving parts

Urben Blu toilets feature automatic cleaning and disinfecting technology, which significantly improves the cleanliness of public toilets.

Allowing for comfortable and safe use, our toilets are equipped with an automatic bowl washing, and drying mechanism activated after each use. Besides, the entire sanitary block can be cleaned according to your needs.

Entreprises Urben Blu Inc. Customizable design, suitable for any environment

Urben Blu toilets are available in a wide range of finishes and styles. They can be customized to fit any public space.

Entreprises Urben Blu Inc. 2 models available

The Blu-Smart line is a self-contained and independent building available in single or double toilet format. The exterior finishing is customizable.

Blu-Box is a self-containing line that can be integrated into any existing or new building. The sides can be left bare or decorated to blend into the surrounding area.

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Urben Blu
Entreprises Urben Blu Inc. Vandal-proof toilets

Urben Blu toilets are specially designed to be vandal-proof. Moreover, the surfaces also carry anti-graffiti protection.

Entreprises Urben Blu Inc. Automated and programmable system

Urben Blu toilets are completely automated and programmable for operating hours (opening and closing), after-hours presence detection, cleaning cycles, occupancy time, water, consumables volume, heating and lighting.

Entreprises Urben Blu Inc. Environment-friendly engineering

Our toilets are environmentally friendly. We have chosen to integrate components that reduce electricity, water and consumables consumption.

Urben Blu
Entreprises Urben Blu Inc. The best warranty coverage on the market

Urben Blu toilets come with a full 3-year or 25,000 user warranty, and a 10-year warranty on the building structure.

Entreprises Urben Blu Inc. Universal access

We can proudly announce that Urben Blu toilets are accessible to all. With a surface area of 1500mm, the toilet can easily accommodate a wheelchair.

Entreprises Urben Blu Inc. Antimicrobial and Antiviral

We are the sole manufacturers of an innovative antimicrobial and antiviral product in Canada and the USA. This product is specially designed to coat your Urben Blu toilets and kill all microbes and viruses, providing protection for up to one year.

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Our motto is to improve public hygiene by supplying innovative, economical, ecological and sustainable sanitary solutions.

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